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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

An Autumn walk

I've probably said this loads of times , but Autumn is my favourite time of year . I love the colours , love the food and have so many happy memories of outdoor activities with my Dad when I was a kid.
 Monday it started out really foggy , but then got lovely and sunny so I decided to take myself round the local park with my camera.

  I had a lovely day , but think I overdid it somewhat as I've been suffering with hip pain ever since.
 Anyway , a few shots from the day.

 I saw my very first Jay , sadly not a great picture though.

Hope you enjoyed sharing my walk .

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

November !!!

Well , just had to go and read my own blog as I couldn't remember what I posted last ,lol.

I have been stitching , though at times it was harder than I would have liked. The squares for my daughters' quilt are finally finished , though they were holding me back a little. I was getting so fed up of the colours and the designs that the last few were quite hard work .

I deliberately left this one until last to give me a much needed colour boost . We chose the colours ourselves and I had to fiddle with placement a bit , but very happy with how it worked out .
  So , all 15 squares are done , now to source and decide on fabric and get motivated to turn them into a quilt. We'll see how that goes .

  I then did another sign up for Love Quilts ,
I loved stitching this , and love how it turned out .
 I also signed up to stitch the card for the same child. Here is the stitching , yet to be made into a card . Both pieces need a quick wash.
 After that , I felt like some indulgent stitching. I wanted to do one of my LHN or LK charts , but not sure where my stash of special threads are at the moment , so settled on this at the weekend instead.
This has also been a long time coming. I left off the wording at the bottom.

In other news , I had a birthday since my last real post, Got mostly money ,so was very selfish and splurged it mostly on stash . The local dept store was closing the Coates department , and all the Anchor threads were down to 20p each. I am usually a DMC stitcher , but have some lovely Anchor charts and have been trying to build up my stash , so I took advantage and ended up buying around 200 threads.
  Then , someone on a FB group was selling a load of DMC threads at a really good price , so I bought those too .
 Of course , then I had to buy a load of bobbins , and storage boxes and a new drawer unit to keep them all in ,so most of birthday money spent ,lol.
 Over 500 threads



I did have enough left over to treat myself to a few new HAED charts though .
 Mini Cries of the Night
 Mother of Dragons
Looking forward to these.

Thanks for dropping by .

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Pumpkin Day

 In loving memory of Cathey .
Still very much missed .

Thursday, 18 August 2016

A few finishes .

I've managed to get a bit of stitching time in over the last few weeks. The boy has been playing out with friends most afternoons , and the girl retreats to her bedroom to watch silly videos on her phone ,lol , so peaceful time for Mum . In between conquering the laundry mountain , and other mundane things of course.
 A few Love Quilts squares done , two labels.

 And two named squares .
 This one was finished just this afternoon, very happy with how it turned out .
I don't have any more sign ups at the moment , so now I'm going to try and get the squares finished for my Daughters' quilt. Only three more to go,
 Thanks for dropping by ,

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Summer holidays.

The last few weeks have been rather busy , alas not with stitching , but sometimes real life has to come first ,lol.
 The end of school year is always busy , more so this year as my Daughter has now finished primary school. We had the usual Summer Fayre and day trips , but also some special events.
 Junior Prom , Leavers Assembly and the celebration assemblies where special awards are given out.
I was a very proud Mum when once again , both kids got awards. Daughter got an attendance award for being there more than 98% of time , and my gorgeous Son got the award for best effort for his year . His name will go on a plaque on the wall in the main hall . My Daughter has received at least one award every year at this school ,and so far so has my Son , so very proud of both of them.
  So , now we are in to Holiday time , so less stitching usually. Hubby has been off this week too , so we've had a few trips out and about. Today was a lazy day at home ,so I have managed some stitching time . I've also been reading rather a lot .
  After Batman , I stitched up this little lovely. A real pleasure to stitch , and it didn't take too long .
 Then I finally got round to finishing this one for my Daughter. It was started end of April but got neglected for a wee while. Glad to have it done though .
  After that , I had an enforced stitching break due to developing Shingles. The rash was where I usually rest my arm when stitching, and it was sore and uncomfortable for a couple of weeks . I had already started this one , again for my Daughter , and it should have been a quick stitch , but hey ho .
I've done bits and bobs over the last week or so , but quite a lot today to get it to the end , mind you , I know about it .
 Though the rash is mostly healed over, the flesh is still quite tender and it has been bothering me today , still, on-wards and upwards. I need to chart out a couple of labels for LQ now.
 Thanks for dropping by ,

Saturday, 2 July 2016

I'm a centurion !

 Kind of ....
   today , I completed my 100th square for Love Quilts UK. Pretty good achievement if I do say so myself , especially after a stressful time dress shopping with my gorgeous daughter . ~She leaves primary school in three weeks time , and they are having a prom. Personally I think it's a bit much at age 11, but there you go. Anyway , she now has the option of two dresses , two pair of shoes , one handbag and make-up. Boy they grow up too quickly nowadays.
 Anyway , back to the stitching, first I have to show you number 99 ,lol.

 I tend to stitch in colour blocks , so took pictures of the different stages

 And here it is all done .
 And now for the big 100 !
 I have stitched this one before , but Superheroes are in such big demand at the moment , over 15% of the kids on the lottery waiting list want Super hero quilts , that's over 40 quilts at 12-15 squares per quilt ,a heck of a lot of Super heroes ,lol.
 I have a feeling I may stitch this one yet again at some point .
 Heading in to the less stitching time of year , end of school year and summer holidays means more kiddy time, so not sure when I'll be back , but I will.
 Thanks for dropping by ,

Friday, 17 June 2016

A big TA DA !

Something I have been promising for far too long, I finally got round to finishing my oldest UFO.
 Not entirely sure , but I think this was started either late 2008 or early 2009 , before I was blogging at any rate . And , now it is done .
 It didn't take too long once I got down to it. I enjoyed the last bit a lot more than the rest and I'm glad it is finally finished , so without further ado , I will present ...
   Three Little Maids .
I will hopefully be working on my Christmas UFO from next week onwards. Time to get them out and sorted.
 Thanks for dropping by ,

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Very busy , getting nowhere.

I can't believe how quickly the time is passing . Not helped by the kids having an extra week and half off round half term due to moving into their new school building. They go back tomorrow , so hopefully I'll be able to now get lots done.

 Stitching time has been interrupted , but still managed to get some done , and have time to go to the park when it has been nice weather wise. We also managed a day at the coast on Wednesday , which was a lovely change. I would so love to move over that way.

More a/c squares for Love Quilts

Disney Princesses and Super Heroes are forever in demand .

  This one was finished just yesterday .

Only two more squares to go , and I've done 100 !

I now plan on finishing the wolf I am doing for my daughter , and maybe one other project before starting anything else , though I am itching to start ,lol .

  I am hoping to start at least one more HAED this year , but maybe even two or three. Yes , I am that sad ,lol.

 Thanks for dropping by ,

Monday, 16 May 2016


 So , got the laptop back last week, just been too busy to post ,lol.
 The screen decided to go kaput , so we thought it might be the back light , which would cost £60 - £100 to fix , still cheaper than a new computer. Fortunately the light was fine , just some loose screws and hinges putting pressure on one of the cables was causing the problems . Not so good , on giving it a health check , they discovered that the hard drive was failing , so replaced it . Fortunately we had already backed up all the important stuff . I've had to re-install a couple of things and it was frustrating trying to get back on here , but all is well in the end ....

 Well, with the computer at any rate.

 Thursday before last , we got back from school, kids went up to get changed and my daughter came down to tell me that there were cracks in her ceiling with water coming through , not good. Now, I have never been up in our loft before and truly believed that I would never manage it , but I did . Leaking pipe causing the problem, so tried to put tape round it to no avail . Passing things down to my daughter , who turned round too quickly and banged her her on the stair bannister.
  A massive lump came up in less than a minute and she said she wanted to go to sleep , so mad dash to A&E. Two hours later (pretty good) we could go home with instructions to have the next day off school .
 Hubby got home from work , we had to turn the water off fully as he couldn't fix the pipe there and then. All calm until 10.30 pm , when we heard a thud as part of the ceiling came down.

 Temporarily fixed the next day , with plans to do a better repair this week as hubby is off work.

 Last week was full of stress as it was SATs so my daughter was incredibly wound up. So glad it is over. I am looking forward to getting to relax at some point in the next few months ,lol.

 Anyway , I have still been able to do some stitching , so here's what's been done since last time.

  Lots of Love Quilts squares.

 Really pleased with this one , the theme is Star Wars and space , so I charted a couple of SW planets.

 I had ten squares to post in , so took a picture of all of them together before washing.
 This one is only recently finished .
  I have also made some bookmarks for the kids , but they are in use , so I will have to get pictures another time.
  And , just because ,a pic of my lovely boy Fraser , flopped.
Thanks for dropping by ,

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Brief note

Hi everyone. Sorry if I haven't replied to your last comments , my laptop has decided to be poorly.
 Taking it to be looked at today . but not sure if it is fixable and if it is , how long it will take.
 Hope to be back soon.
 Cheers ,