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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Wet and grey

The weather that is , though I was rather soggy myself after the school run this morning ,lol.
Here we are mid May , and it only seems like yesterday that it was February. I can hardly believe that the kids have this week and next week at school before half term , and then it is the last few weeks before the summer holidays. My son's last year in Primary school starts September , wow.
  Enough of that anyway , before I get all misty eyed ,lol .
I finished my last sign up .
 It was kind of hard to get a good picture, it's one of those that looks better at a slight angle , but hopefully it will go down well.
 Recently finished this as an a/c .
 I have started a Jack Russell for my son, but the chart is not pleasant and I seem to have a bit of a mental block when it comes to stitching for my kids. I don't know why but I seem to put it off all the time and find other things to do . Not good!
  I was tidying my shelf the other day (aka looking for something) and came across this cover kit I'd forgotten all about . It was with Cross Stitcher 315 March 2017 .
 Thanks to my mum , my daughter has started watching Babushka on TV , and has got a bit of a thing about Russian dolls , so I stitched this up for her. It took slightly longer than the two hours it said , but not much and I love it .
 I backed it with some felt to protect the stitches as it was very difficult to run the threads under the back to finish off . Other than getting a sore finger from puling the needle through , it was lovely to stitch .
  So , if anyone has one of these kits that they do not want to use , please let me know , I'd be happy to pay up to £2 plus postage . I'd like to stitch more in different colours or even different patterns and make a collection for my daughter. Thanks .

 I'll leave you with a pic of my boy flaked out on hubbys' trainer  ,lol
Thanks for dropping by ,

Monday, 24 April 2017

Stitching and gifts .

Well , I finished the LQ a/c square , and here it is . It is one of four designs from a magazine , intended to make a cushion cover , but works out quite well for a square .
 Then I moved onto this one , intended to be another a/c square , but I ended up getting a sign up with it. Superheroes are so popular with the kids that the stitchers tend to get a little bored of them , so the quilts take a while longer to get filled .
 And then this one as a sign up as well , superheroes again ,lol. This is the second time stitching this chart , and probably not the last . I was intending to do this in a couple of months , but with it being half term needed something fairly easy to be able to pick up when I got chance so this worked out fine.
 I have one more sign up to do , which I'm hoping will be a quick stitch but I'm so tired I can't see straight so you never know .

 I was very lucky and crazily happy to receive two RAKs in the recent HAED sale , so excited.
 This one has only recently been added to my wish list , but I've seen someone stitching it on the HAED FB page and it is gorgeous .
  And someone has completed this one too , so cute.
Well that's all for now , hope to be back soon but have got a teachers gift to chart and stitch which may take some time , till then ...
 Thanks for dropping by ,

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

I did it !

I managed to finish the HAED challenge of a page between Jan 1st and April 7th . Actually , I did two pages but page two was only 5 stitches across ,lol.
 I have taken loads of pictures , but still cannot get the colours to show properly , or the sparkle from the kreinik thread , but here it is .

I finished yesterday , but didn't have time to post , though I did post it on the HAED FB page ,lol. After all the fretting , the kreinik was not that bad to stitch with. The chart called for two strands on 18ct , I'm stitching on 16ct and found one strand to be plenty. Glad I bought the thread heaven though.
 Have to say , I love it and am sad to put it away , but I have a teacher gift to do which may take some time so have to get on with that next (once I've done my LQ a/c square anyway)
 Thanks for dropping by ,

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Marching on .

Well , the year is flying by already . February was not a fantastic month as we had a big whoops with the car and had to get a new one. not an accident before anyone starts worrying , just lack of knowledge and circumstances leading to the head gasket blowing, not good.
 Anyway , with all the stress etc, I didn't get a whole load of stitching done , but I have done some.
I was getting disheartened with my HAED , with all the confetti stitches it felt like I was going nowhere fast so I decided to do some block stitching , and it really made a difference.
 I have done more random and confetti stitches , and am back to feeling like I've made no progress ,lol. After a couple of hours today I got really annoyed at finding yet another stitch that I'd missed so put it away .
 My last lot of LQ squares have been posted out , but I have done this one since. This is for a back-filled quilt, where all the squares are taken from stock other than the label. This has been sent directly to the person who is making the quilt up .
I found myself wanting to start two new things , but only have one spare frame , so debating between buying another one , trying to make one and just buy the clips, or get a grip and cut down on my WIPS ,lol.
 Thanks for dropping by ,

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Quick stitches

I have been very naughty and hardly touched my HAED for the last couple of weeks. I hope to get back to it next week. No hope at the moment as it's half term , both kids and hubby have had/got a horrible cold bug thing and I'm not getting much sleep so not even trying to go there .
 I needed to do something with colour , so started this
 and finished it . It will be an a/c square for Love Quilts.
   Then I decided to do this one , which I managed to get a sign up for a named quilt with.
They both need a quick wash along with the Pug before being sent . None are urgent though , so I may just wait and see if anything else is ready to go with them ,lol.
 Thanks for dropping by ,

Saturday, 28 January 2017

28 Days later .

Time for a stitching update methinks .

 This little guy
 Now looks like this .
 Yep , he's all done , completed on the 24th . It's a good job I love him , as I've got to stitch him again , and maybe again after that ,lol. My son has decided that he wants his quilt to be dogs , and my daughter kind of likes it too .

 The HAED challenge is progressing . From this :
 To this .
 Actually , posting this has really helped me see how much I've done . It really seems to be slow going, but there are lots of scattered stitches . I'm leaving the big blocks til the end . Also , I'm only working on it for three or four days a week. Thursdays are usually busy with other stuff as it's hubbys' day off , and weekends are filled with noise , homework and kids stuff . I am still hopeful of finishing by the original date of 3rd March , even though we now have to April to complete the challenge.

  Forgot to show my new stash last time , so here it is .
 Fabric and threads to stitch Promise of Spring , and threads for Pumpkin Patch Inn.
 And , some more white aida and a refill of some DMC I was getting a little low on .  I am lucky to have plenty of thread ,so seldom run out of any , though with HAEDs I tend to kit up fully with new skeins , then whatever is left goes into the general pot .
 My ort jar has a lot of neutral colours at the moment , so I need to stitch something bright to jazz it up a bit . Now my LQ square is done and I have no more sign ups at the moment , I've gone back to my carry over project from last year , but I'll show pics of that next time .

 Thanks for dropping by .

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

A quick update .

Hi ,
 just wanted to do a quick post and update events .
My daughter has been to the Harry Potter studio tour today , so she is buzzing, had a great time .

I started my sixth book of the year so far today , so going well with the reading . There will be slower times as it depends on what mood I'm in , but enjoying the new books that I had for Christmas and a couple more I bought from the Works when we went into town last week.

Stitching wise , I'm still enjoying my HAED , this is where I'm at after todays' efforts.

 I am hoping to get this done fairly quickly as I have so many plans of other projects . I'm also planning a secret stitch as an end of year gift for my sons' teacher . He has had the same teacher for two years and she is absolutely brilliant , so I wanted to do something a bit special. More on that at a later date .
  I needed an easier project for evenings and weekends so started my LQ square too , this is where I've got to . I'm hoping it looks a lot better when it's done , lol.

Thanks for dropping by ,

Monday, 2 January 2017

Out with the old.

In with the New.

Happy New Year everyone , I know I'm a day late . I was going to post last night , but then hubby asked if I wanted to watch a DVD with him while having cheese and crackers . Can't turn an offer like that down , so blogging had to wait ,lol .

Anyway , time for the recap and plan post , so here goes.

 Last year , I read 114 books , a huge improvement on the last couple of years , so I'm pretty happy with it , especially as it did not look like I'd get anywhere near that at the start of the year.
 I had a lovely pile of books for Christmas to help me get a good start in this year .
I've already read the two on the right and made a start on the third.

Stitching wise , I had 44 starts , and 48 finishes , which again I'm quite impressed with especially as some of those finishes were old UFOs .

 I stitched 28 squares for Love Quilts , and a card  , a card for hubby , 4 bookmarks for my lovely kids , two other finishes for me , and two UFOs finished ,and one of them was finished on the 30th December , so you haven't even seen it yet !

 I have one WIP , which will probably be left for a while as I had a new start yesterday , but that comes in with the plans bit ,so more in a short while . First , the ORTs !
 My ort jar from two angles , lots of pretties in here , but it's now been emptied out all ready for a new years worth .

So , my big finish at the end of last year was my oldest UFO , started in 2009. I was stitching on it when my cousin was killed in a car accident and just put it down . I've picked it up on and off occasionally , but decided that it needed to be finished . After I finished up my owls earlier on last year , I admit I did put this off a bit , but once I got going it wasn't actually that bad . I have changed a couple of things ,and added some personalisation , and overall I'm quite pleased with it.

Forgive the bits of paper , I don't post my familys' names on line. It is also in need of a good press , but as it's going to be put away for a few months I'm going to leave that until I'm ready to have it framed , probably around my birthday  ,then it will be ready and waiting in time for next Christmas.
 I'm quite excited about it now it's done , this is my first seasonal stitched piece .

Plans ,well , I don't make definite plans , just have ideas of what I'd like to do .

My new start yesterday was a HAED , which I'm doing for the FB challenge of stitching a page between Jan 1st and April 7th . It was going to be until 3rd March , but they extended it . I'm stitching TT A Pale Comparison for my Daughter , and she's quite excited about it.
This is my progress from yesterday and today .

My other plans are really to do more personal stitching . I do love stitching for Love Quilts and will continue to do so , but I need to get more of my own projects done . I have so much stash , it's shameful . Also , I want to do more for my kids , so once this one is done , I'll be starting a HAED for my son. I'd also really like to complete Rosita, so three HAEDs on the go ,lol .

I am planning on stitching Pumpkin Patch Inn this year too , and hopefully Holmseys' Winter Wonderland , and probably Promise Of Spring by Silver Creek Samplers which I bought from the lovely Mouse .

 So , looks like I'm going to be fairly busy this coming year .

Thanks for dropping by ,


Saturday, 24 December 2016

Seasons' Greetings

Hope everyone has a wonderful time this Christmas . I can't wait to have a relaxing day with my family.
 Take care ,

Monday, 19 December 2016


Wow , it only seems a few days ago that I was posting about my Autumn walk , and now we are nearly at Christmas.
 I have done some stitching since last time , but not as much as I would have liked. The last couple of months have seemed to lurch from one problem to the next .

 After my hip got better , I came down with a really bad cold, which is only now starting to go, five/six weeks later. I went from a sore throat to the blocked up nose , then got the cough which seemed to come and go. then I got blocked ears so last week , every time I blew my nose the world started to spin , I got so dizzy that I threw up. Not pleasant.

 We had a plumbing problem which was not cheap , hubby broke the crown off one of his teeth and has had several dental appointments to sort that and other problems out.

We lost my boys' much loved pet gerbil on the 14th November. Gracie was a real character and will be very much missed, but we now have four of the little buggers. My son got another two and after deliberating as she originally wanted Degus , my daughter has two gerbils now as well. They are all very tame and love to run round on us all . Love them to bits.

 And now we have a problem with the washer not draining properly. I think it's actually the sink pipes that are blocked so hopefully we will get that sorted tomorrow. The car goes for its' MOT on Friday and I'm dreading it .

 Also got a bit of a shock this morning with a horrible message from someone I care about , still reeling a bit from that.

 Had to go into town this morning on the bus , and an old chap told me that things can only get worse , and I wanted to clock him one ,lol.

Anyway . on to the important stuff, let's look at some stitching .
 Another Love Quilts square , I have done now for this year , and not sure how much I will do next year. I really want to do more of my own stitching , and I'm out of aida at the moment , so will have to see how it goes .

  For some reason , blogger will not show this the right way up , but I love this little guy , just looking at him makes me smile . I need to get him framed.

I have started another project , but not got very far on it. I've also been working on my oldest UFO and hope to get it finished before the end of the year.

 I am hoping to join the HAED challenge that begins on Jan 1st , to stitch a page before 3rd March. It will mean a new start so I want that UFO out of the way.

  I will be back with the years efforts and plans for next year , until then though , wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas , hope the season brings you all that you wish for. I just want a lovely day with my family.

Thanks for dropping by ,